Golf ClubsGolf originated in Scotland but is now played by people from different nations across the globe. The popularity of golf is increasing by the day as more and more men are learning how to play. Golf is a game of elites; and is known for its taste and class. Earlier only rich people played this sport but now other sport enthusiasts are playing it too. The citizens of Worcestershire are showing great interest in playing golf. Today, there are many golf clubs and courses in Worcestershire.

If you are looking for a Golf Club in Worcester then you might consider checking the following ones:

  1. Worcester Golf & Country Club

The golf course of Worcester Golf & Country Club was designed by Dr. Alister Mackenzie in the year 1927. He has also designed Augusta, Masters Course in the United States. It is located in the beautiful, scenic location of Boughton Park that is lined with various trees. It measures 6,251 yards and is located close to the Worcester City centre and River Severn.

  1. Ravenmeadow Golf Club

Ravenmeadow Golf Club is perhaps the best game development centre in Worcester. You can play freely on the golf course surrounded by the picturesque scenery. If you are playing for the first time or going with your family, you would be mesmerized by the greenery of the 2,681 yards golf course. It also houses a large golf store and a café and a bar.

  1. Ombersley Golf Club

If you are looking for a friendly and relaxing atmosphere to play golf then you must consider going to the Ombersley Golf Club. You can expect excellent value for money as they offer top quality facilities and provide the best golf experience in Worcestershire. It has an 18-hole pay and play golf course; and has a well stocked golf shop. It is beautifully located above the Severn Valley and gives an amazing panoramic view of Abberley, Malvery and Clee hills.